oh hello, i am alive!

so it has been almost a year since i've updated this livejournal! i changed my layout and got this crazy idea to just give you guys an update on how everything has been going with me since that's why you guys have still friended this journal, right? haha. let the updating begin!
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so...there you have it! i'm alive and doing well. if anyone would like to add me on facebook, feel free to message and ask...or just look up shanygne because i'm pretty sure you'll find me easily. also! if you guys have a tumblr, follow me! i love getting new followers and reconnecting with all of you of course.
hopefully you all didn't forget me haha :( much love,

daily update, april 2010.

oh silly me, i never update anymore.

went out today with my dad and little sister! (: got shoes for laisa's quince, which are (these) then i went over andrea's house and we did homework for a bit, talked about crazy stuff, then john came over and distracted us even more. went home, then i basically did nothing for the rest of the night, oh joy (;

hello world, it's me. i'm alive, breathing, and everything just seems to be reallyyyy great ♥
we're on spring break now, so i've been even more lazy than usual. monday i went out to john's house with people then watched the softball game with nayja and edward, we were rooting for you illy! (:
tuesday i was STRANDED at home haha, i just oovoo-ed all day with everyone and did nothing really. today i'm going out the the mall with my pops so i can get shoes for laisa's quincinera on saturdayy :D
it just really feels good to be happy.

daily update, march 2010.

yes, a new start to a new month (:

3/5 -afternoon-
today was absolutely loads of funnn ♥
nayja, edward, daniel, marina, and mariana all came over my house (where they like, searched through it and whatnot -___-) while i checked movie times. on the way there marina said ‘damn’ and edward was like :O in the background shushing her, as if my dad was gonna kick them out LMAO. anyways, turned out alice in wonderland was either 4:30 or 7, so we went to the 4:30 one. everyone bought food and tickets and shizz and i sat next to nayja and edward (: these stupid hos in the background were yelling and talking through the whole damn movie, so once johnny depp first showed up on screen and the three gross girls yelled ‘JOHHNY DEPP OMG!11!!!1!’ i yelled back ‘SHUT UP.’ because they just don’t understand that when you watch movies, you watch them SILENTLY -__- anyways, we finished up at like 6:30 then we went around looking for clothes to buyyy. there was like nothing at the mall so we ended up just eating then going back to my house where we camwhored and then everyone eventually left at like 10. i love them alllll ♥

today’s schedule: CAPT testing, japanese, ceramics, world civ

CAPT: had math today, which was ridiculously easy! i almost forgot about slope intercepts and shizz from last year, talk about fail! but then i remembered mrs. bagwell’s class, which was really weird haha.japanese: did nothing really. sensei talked about hina matsuri (or festival for girls in japan) and then we did review on adjectives. everything was pretty easy, and we also wrote dialogue.ceramics: quiet day. i started my new project for ceramics which was pretty easy, my hands got really messy and it was gross, then again that’s what ceramics is all about lmao.world civ: we designed a t-shirt based off a list of rulers, which was alright. my design was lame but as long as i finished it, i was all gooood haha.after school: had grease practice from 2:45 till 6. it was intense, and we went over all of act 1! the next two weeks will be really hard, since all we’re going to be doing is reviewing everything. i hope the show comes together asap. today was really fun though (:

CAPT: had ‘world civ’ when really we just wrote an essay. i finished 394857349834985 years early, so i basically just sat there and tweeted lmao. i also slept, since i went to bed at 2am yesterday after watching bloody monday AND looking at clothes on soompi, sad.gym: did NOTHING. lol fernando was so nice and bought me clothes from hollister, it made me go ‘awww’ haha. eric came too, which all he did was be weird with ricardo bwahaha.after school: so i skipped 4th period cause i did NOT care at all (and because edward and daniel would shoot me if i didn’t..okay well that’s not it, i just didn’t want to go) and we ended up walking to the park, we took retarded pictures and after we got subway. i spent like alllll my money D:< but it was really good…why must everything cost money…grr. we sat at the table and read fmls and just talked about a whole bunch of nadda. then we walked back to central at dismissal where i met up with marina, mariana, julie, valeria, acacio, karina, mark, patrick, and a whole bunch of other people. we got carvel and i spent the REST of my money (so now i’m broke!) and julie and i also bought chinese food (;. marina, mariana, julie, karina, patrick and i went to manny’s house and played mario kart for wii, which i either did really good or really bad, lmao fail! we walked back to central and chilled there for a while cause we had to wait for a ride (-___-‘) and i saw daniel and edward again (:DD!!!) and i ran to them and i love them so much and ♥♥♥♥♥. julie’s grandmamama came to pick us up then we went to marina’s house and we played left for dead (which is now my new favorite game even though i suck SO bad! lmao marina and mariana are HARDCORE players and were yelling at karina and i the WHOLE TIME!) it was intense, like INTENSE haha. we had pizza and then we finished the game so we went upstairs and waited for my momma to come and pick me up cause everyone else had fencing D:<
so yeah, today was pretty amazingly great and #*&$%(#&@)#& i love them soooo much, it’s ridiculous (:

also to bakusho thanks for the VG ♥

today’s my birthday :D!11!11! homeroom was first period, which was a nice change. stayed with mariana, ricardo, and savannah mostly.they said my name sooo wrong on the announcements (which was really expected) but it’s alright, i’ll forgive them, haha.gym and didn’t play because i was too lazy to change -__- but i was with my favorite retards so it was all gooodddd(:japanese was pretty easy today, took a test then we did some review. my amigo and i were acting retarded in the back, i love aldrin hahaha.ceramics was the same, all i did was glaze my tiles then put them so that they could be fired in the kiln. it was nice and easy, and the class went by wonderfully fast.english was nice. all we did were present projects, and everyone sang happy birthday to me (although i didn’t want them too -___-). i kept making signs about edward, like ‘edward wants to be like me’ and ‘edward is NOT asian’, he loves me anyways, i know it.world civ sat in a group with eric, ricardo, and ophelia. possibly the worst decision of my life, as much as i love them they’re all so distracting! well ophelia and i did work, but eric and ricardo were off in their own world, they’re so aggravating together! after school i found laisa and she gave me an invitation to her sweet 15! (: went to grease practice and ms. lee was freakingggg out about everything. good thing we’re not going to have practice tomorrow, it has only been 1 day and i need a break haha. good thing about tomorrow is i’m going out with friends and getting ice cream! :D
also, to everyone who has wished me happy birthday, thanks so much ♥

daily picture update, january/february 2010.

here is a picture update of random pictures i take throughout the month of january and february of 2010. newest pictures are at the top, enjoy!


thank you to whoompah, who was wonderful enough to make me a banner for my birthday (which is not today, but tomorrow. don't worry, you didn't miss it (;) it's absolutely wonderful ♥
oh and melonpunch (aka leeneh) for this:


didn't you know? my dad's an ulzzang!

nana ♥


nayja, edward, and andrea: pretty much the best people in central ♥


my parents got me a mac, yayayayay.


been listening to Arashi No.1 〜嵐は嵐を呼ぶ〜, old school arashi oh yeah.


SPENT ALL DAY CLEANING, then found this adorable picture. (i'm on the left haha)

go celski and ohno! ♥


looking at old pictures...when i used to max photoshop everything much?


bloody monday season 2, so totally ready for all the screwed up surprises, people, and the ending. oh yes.

and flumpool, back with the ending theme again. both Over The Rain ~ひかりの橋~ and 残像 go great together.

oh KAT-TUN, your epic single known as Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~ is a huge yes with me, good job boys. also, lmao A.PAGE is full of the wtf, but i guess i like it.


like father like daughter?


fooling around with angles...

daily update, february 2010.

here is an update of february 2010, usually posted on my tumblr. newest posts are at the top, enjoy!

hello last day of february, you were quite laid back. didn’t really do anything today besides go to church, my little sister’s friends were staring at me like O__O because they said i was pretty and my new hair was nice lmao. did some chores, fooled around with geli’s DSi, and struggled to stop procrastinating. i did all my homework minus world civ, mostly because i can’t find the packet D:< i’ll find it..eventually…

also, i appreciate everyone who’s told me happy birthday! (well people who live in places where march 1st happened haha) you guys are wonderful ♥

today was absolutely amazing! i had to wake up early (which was basically the only downside, and the fact that i didn’t do homework, haha.) then we all went to eat at hometown buffet and after some massage place, where all i did was fool around with my macbook, watch himitsu no arashi-chan and a bit of bloody monday. on the ride to new york i finished episode 4 of bloody monday (which was so amazing. omg orihara maya I LOVE YOU. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU CAUSE YOU’RE THE FREAKING HBIC.) and took pictures bwahhaha. we finally made it and we ate at ihawan, then i got my highlights for my hair thanks to this lady who persuaded daddy to let me do it ;D the lady who did it was so amazing! she was nice and sweet and funny and gave me advice on life lmao. she used to see us when we were smaller, so she kept repeating how grown up i was and said how she was gonna make me look good for my 15th birthday on monday ;D we finally went home and had people over so my mom could celebrate her birthday with people and i oovoo-ed with my bff forever natalia<3333. she fell in love with troy, my next door neighbor LIKE THE CREEP SHE IS. and we tried making my dad an internet sensation, and she video chatted with thea jade, and she was just SO SIRRI. i love natalia. NANA I LOVE YAA! so now i must sleep, goodnight everyone♥

snow days are always great, so my life was pretty much complete when i woke up to a beautiful snowday. yesterday, my father showed me my macbook and cellphone for my birthday, which was pretty great. my mac is beautiful :’) i spent today adding my files onto the mac which wasn’t fun. got on oovoo, so if you wanna holla..holla.
my new phone is a nokia xpress music 5800, it’s hard to get used to since it’s touch screen though. it’s really pretty and has a nice camera with flash too. it’s actually my dad’s old phone since he bought a new one, but i’m satisfied still.
i’m still sore from wednesday’s conditioning for softball. it’s really bad, just shows how ‘fit’ i really am :P my neck and thighs hurt the most -__- when i go down the stairs it’s like killing myself lol.
oh, and i’ve been into clazziquai project again ♥
then at night i oovooed with my favorite kiddies from central, nayja, edward, and andreaaaa :D it was fun, and they're quite amazing.

i'm sore thanks to softball conditioning yesterday, it hurts EVERYWHERE. especially my legs and my neck. parents got me a beautiful macbook so now i'm on it and will be able to update a lot more! and webcam, and make tons of videos, and laugh at your failures :D

break is this week, and i haven't been productive at all. going over marina's house today to get my bag (with work, sigh) and to just have funnn :D

spent ALL DAY cleaning, shoot me. day was hell. then i spent the rest of the night watching 17 again, the nanny, and the olympics. YAY OHNO & CELSKI. celski is a cutie!

today's schedule: biology, gym, japanese, ceramics, english, and world civilizations.
biology: was an easy day, did nothing really. we reviewed what was to be due when we came back.gym: nothing again! haha just walked around since my teacher was here.japanese: took a test in japanese, and i'm hoping i aced it? it was two lessons ago, so i was a bit out of it. we then went over adjectives (she would show the japanese, we would say the word then translate it) and then we did negative forms of eac adjective, like omoshirokunai.ceramics: nobody wanted to do ANYTHING since it was the last day before vacation haha. i ended up just glazing my project and talking to whoever came around.english: vocab test (which i didn't study for -___-) and we reviewed what was to be done over break.world civ: it was the first time we had seen her this week, but all she did was ask for what's due and then we were given what we needed over break.after school: had grease practice (yay) and danced to grease lightening haha. after i went to marina's house with mariana, and mariana and i got married >:D. we then went to the mall (my dad gave me &20, oh yesss) and i looked through forever 21 trying to find something floral print. but i didn't, and ended up going home early :P

today’s schedule: biology, gym, and geometry.

biology: took a test which wasn’t that bad. hopefully i did good on it, or else i’ll cry! haha my average is an A+ but still, i want to keep it that way. after i finished, i tried to finish my geometry homework (totally half-assed ahahah)gym: teacher wasn’t here so like the ~badass~ i am, i didn’t play. i ended up playing truth or dare with ricardo, chantal, angelica, and carol and graffiti-ed the bleachers a bit with julie and edward. lots of fun? yes it was. they ended up drawing an inappropriate tattoo on m wrist -__-geometry: horrible. well, we had to hand in work (i didn’t have all of it lol, FAIL.) and it was just a tense atmosphere aha. she was teaching us about nonsense i didn’t get (another FAIL.) but it was whatever. we then took a test after lunch which i didn’t finish (FAIL 3) because of lack of time. nobody finished D:< hopefully she’ll let us finish it or something!after school: half a day today! which was good. i finished watching the 2nd episode of bloody monday (i am 100% a miura haruma fangirl.) and cook oatmeal :P then awaited for the beautiful ‘snow storm’ to come and take me away~ and uh…cancel school.

today’s schedule: biology, gym, japanese, geometry, english, world civilizations.

biology: took a quiz today and when reviewing the answers i got 2 wrong -___- whatever, my grade is a 96 in there anyway! we really didn’t do anything except review, which wasn’t bad. the class went by quick and easy.gym: as usual just walked around. edward was here today FINALLY, so we walked around like idiots and laughed at the world :D also some FAB up in there -__-japanese: finished re-writing our dialogue into japanese, then memorized lines/acted out everything. i finished memorizing in the first 5 minutes and really had nothing else to do after that lol. sensei played WAT (at least i think that’s what she said) during the whole class.geometry: a nice surprise, my teacher wasn’t here! so we ended up doing worksheets on crap i didn’t know how to do but managed to get somehow..er..ish. edward left school to go back home cause he wasn’t feeling well so i just talked to genesis and marina.english: sucked pretty much. everyone wouldn’t shut up, but we did a group analyze for the book the lovely bones. ophelia and i went mega deep ahaha, it was great.world civ: we went over some RFI we did but i wasn’t really listening cause i was talking to maria the whole time lmao. we got magnifying glasses too, yay.after school: ditched grease practice and instead went to marina’s house along with mariana. we went to get pizza down the street (which was yummy) and we also bought a huge bottle of canada dry haha. we ate and talked about random crap and then walked back to her house (it was FREEZING. and we had to carry the stupid canada dry :P). julie came over like 30 minutes later then we played wii and random crap in marina’s room. i left at around 6.

also, i noticed a candle was lit in our living room, meaning it’s my grandfather’s birthday. happy birthday grandpa, daddy misses you horribly. heck, even if i didn’t meet you, i miss you a lot too.

today’s schedule: japanese, biology, ceramics, and world civilizations

japanese: same ol’ same, we translated dialogue then we were put into groups to make our own dialogue, which is cool cause i have aldrin and patrick and they don’t suck at life *cough* lmao aldrin said i smelled like a waterfall, and my hair was like a waterfall and i wasn’t sure how to reply to that…oh wells i love him regardless.biology: no teacher, so i was able to finish some review packet then i just talked to veronica (who is very cool by the way, i rarely talked to her before actually). i just realized i have a bio quiz tomorrow, darn it.ceramics: oh ceramics, what can i say? i rarely talk in that class, but i’m starting to talk just a little more lol. idk, i don’t really care/like anybody and all i do is listen to my iPod and do what i need to do to maintain my beautiful A+ average in that class ;D.world civilzations: teacher wasn’t here, so i finished my packet and let the wonderful idiots ricardo and eric copy my work. idiots. all they did was make up lame raps about asians. but i still love them so it’s all gooooood.after school: had grease, was released early and i ended up seeing eric and joshua conditioning for baseball. became marina’s 2nd BIC, life was great.

also, i am tired of you. a lot.

so today’s schedule was: biology, gym, ceramics, and world civilizations!

biology: boring as usual, bless kato’s soul but a little of me dies in that class everyday, i dislike sitting there for a good hour and a half doing nothing but talking about science. now don’t take it personally kato, but i just hate science in general :P we spent like an hour on notes, then 30 on review and a video quiz, LOADS of fun.gym: didn’t play today since i wasn’t too lazy, lol i learned the ‘guy scale’ and how sexy is the best, and beautiful is kinda like ‘fat and ugly’ hahahaha. oh god. chantal put eyeliner on me then too, since she was bored and we talked about nonsense as usual.ceramics: nothinggg amazing, the people were all singing to kelly clarkson and it was a fun environment really, everyone’s cool in there it’s just i never talk aha.world civilizations: we had a sub so we were assigned work that was annoying and unnecessary for life.after school: grease practice was canceled D:< so instead i went for extra credit in bio (yay, dork) and then i watched the dance crew until my mom picked me up at 4. today was a good day, but my head hurts really bad.


i've decided to de-friend everyone who i don't really talk to, since i am rarely on livejournal anyways. i apologize to everyone but don't take it personally! you guys are all great, really. it's just my f-list is huge and annoying to check nowadays, and it shouldn't be like that lol. hope you all stay well, and i promise i'll be around livejournal a little more these days.


MY FACE = FOR LIFE NOW. well until you come back sunmi! :(
you were my favorite member, and i respect your opinion to leave for a while, i'll wait for you ♥

yesterday i went out with friends for sarah's birthday, and it was a lot of fun :D
- i got there and as soon as i did i spotted a red-haired girl, which when i saw it i ran to her cause it was zoeyy :D nick was with her too, so we all talked a bit. then we walked to find the real people i was supposed to be with, then i said bye to zoey and nick.
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so anyways, off to go hide again! i can't believe tomorrow is monday D:
you know i'm gonna spam #perfectbody, so don't follow me for mobile :P
and i love melonpunch very much :D ♥